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Entry into force reform of security rights postponed

The Commission of Justice recently adopted a (draft) bill postponing the entry into force of the Law with more than three years.

Belgian law prohibits the loan of manpower – exceptions further developed by new legislation

This prohibition also applies to companies who belong to the same economic group. However, to the principle of forbidden loan of manpower several legal exceptions apply. One of these exceptions has recently been further developed by new legislation.

Change of work rules required: psycho-social risks on the work floor

Since September 1, 2014, all Belgian employers must enhance their current preventive and curative actions against psycho-social risks for their employees on the work floor.

Non-remunerated and abroad based company representatives in Belgium releaved from social security burden

A new law introduces the possibility as of July 1, 2014, for representatives of companies or partnerships in Belgium to be exempted from the obligation to affiliate with the social security authorities... 

Modification of the simplified liquidation procedure

Since a few years it is under specific circumstances possible to dissolve and liquidate a company through a mere decision of the extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting without the obligation to start up the, more time consuming, ordinary liquidation procedure.

Legal novelties are introduced in the Belgian occupational framework

On April 24, 2014 a new bill has been approved in the Chamber and Senate containing several novelties regarding occupational pensions.

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