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Employment law publications

The European Court of Human Rights clarifies: private messages at work may not be so private after all….

On January 12, 2016 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romanian law is not in violation with the employee’s right to respect for privacy and that thus the Romanian employer did not violate its employee’s privacy rights by monitoring the employee’s instant messages...

Happy shopping and selling in 2016: night work allowed for e-commerce

In contrast to other European countries, it was up and until now not possible in Belgium to employ personnel in the retail and distribution industry between 8 PM and 6 AM, resulting in operational issues for the Belgian e-commerce in particular...

Manual to 2016 Social Elections in Belgium

In 2016, the employer must organize Social Elections amongst its employees. What does this obligation mean? Find out all of the details in our flyer: Manual to the 2016 Social Elections in Belgium.

Social ruling procedure in place and operational

In the framework of the fight against false self employment, the Act of December 27, 2006, as modified by the Act of August 25, 2012, established a Social Ruling Commission (hereafter: ‘SRC’). Parties who are working together on a self employed basis by virtue of an agreement can apply at the SRC for a ruling to qualify their collaboration (i.e. as a service agreement and not an employment contract).

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