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Stefanie Tack

Stefanie Tack

Being part of a team and having the possibility to work for and with a diversity of clients towards finding the best solutions for a variety of complex legal challenges inspires and drives me to be my very best.

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I provide assistance with and advice on individual and collective labour and employment law matters, such as the drafting of employment-related documents, advising on the hiring and termination of personnel, compensation & benefits, labour-related aspects of corporate and M&A restructurings, collective dismissals and closure of undertakings, and cross-border employment. I also have experience in litigating before the labour courts.

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I am active within various national and international lawyers associations: Member of the Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA), Member of the International Bar Association (IBA), Board Member of the Vlaams Pleitgenootschap of the Brussels Bar (VPG). I love travelling and meeting new people around the globe. Aside from discovering new cultures, I am very passionate about cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Education & qualification

  • Master of Law, University of Brussels, 2005
  • Expert Class in Professional Sports Management, University of Brussels, 2007

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