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Het gewijzigd Benelux merkenrecht trad 1 maart 2019 in werking

Het Benelux-Verdrag inzake de Intellectuele Eigendom (‘BVIE’) werd aangepast aan de nieuwe Europese Merkenrichtlijn nr. 2015/2436. Deze aanpassingen traden 1 maart 2019 in werking.

Assessing the legal impact of Brexit on your future banking relationship with the UK

What is the issue?

With Brexit just around the corner, the UK and the EU are still struggling to reach a final divorce agreement; leaving organizations in the dark as to what exactly this will mean for them. A heightened sense of urgency is further created with the UK Government’s recent publication of a series of papers on what the potential impact of a “no-deal” scenario would look like.

Ahead of the EU summit on Brexit: “ … mapping, mapping, mapping"

Ahead of the EU summit this week, where all parties hope to make some progress on the deadlock over Brexit, Jeroen Gobbin, Brexit taskforce leader within KPMG Belgium, shares his thoughts.

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