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The Belgian DPO’s response to COVID-19

Given the topical issue of COVID-19 and its impact on data protection, the Belgian Data Protection Authority published guidelines to provide clarification.

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Happy 25th birthday to the “Divorce Act among shareholders” (aka “the dispute settlement”)

Dispute resolution has been the last resort in shareholders' discussions for 25 years and now forms the comprehensive solution for conflicting shareholders.

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Happy 25th birthday voor de “Echtscheidingswet onder aandeelhouders” (aka “De geschillenregeling”)

De geschillenregeling is al 25 jaar het laatste redmiddel bij aandeelhouderdiscussie en vormt nu ook de totaaloplossing voor conflicterende aandeelhouders.

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Brand Piracy: watch out for copycats!

How do you protect your brand from copycats?

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Brand Piracy: Kapers op de kust!

Hoe beschermt u uw (merk)naam tegen copycats?

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Belgian DPA issues guidance on body temperature testing

On 5 June the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) published new guidelines regarding the testing/measuring of the body temperature of data subjects.

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